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AVP Wapen TransDie AVP plaas graag die vrae aan, en antwoorde van die AVP aan ‘n Engelstalige leser van ons webblad, aangesien daar waarskynlik meer Engelstaliges is wat met soortgelyke vrae in hulle gemoed die AVP webblad lees.

Tim Ligtvoet

My questions:

1. What is the main reason the Afrikaner Volksparty was established?

A: Deviation by the political parties representing the majority of Afrikaners, namely the National party established on the 14th of August 1914, until immediately after the assassination of dr. H.F. Verwoerd when they started to integrate sport institutions. Consequently the Afrikaners were divided and the NP split to form the Herstigte Nasionale Party (Reformed National Party) in November 1969 from which we originated in 2008 when they deviated after the death of Mr. Willie Marais, leader of the HNP , from the Traditional Nationalistic principal that South Africa is the sole property of the Afrikaner people and not negotiable, especially not with the ANC regime which we deem illegal because of the betrayal of the previous white government .

2. Who does the Afrikaner Volksparty represent?

A: The Afrikaner Volksparty represent every white South African that has the same believes as is depicted in our Program of Principals.

3. What is an Afrikaner?

A: An Afrikaner is a white person who are bound by origin, blood, history, tradition, Language, religion and fatherland in an organic unity known as the Afrikanervolk of whom he and/or she is proud to be a part off.

4. How does this (your answer to the former question) affect your party's ideals?

A: It establish security and identity and discern us from every other nation on earth, which in turn endorse our right to our land and freedom to reign sovereign according to our tradition and believes over ourselves..  

5. On the Afrikaner Volksparty's website the Afrikaner history is a big topic. In what way is the Afrikaner history important for your party's views and ideals?

A: First of all it is an anchor against the secular spirit of our time. Secondly a guide based on policies that were successful, and thirdly an irrefutable indication of what did not and will also today not be achievable and therefore avoided.

6. Is the government currently supportive of the Afrikaner community?

A: Not in one single aspect! In fact, the constitution, apart from the fact that it is secular, it is designed to rob the Afrikaner of our whole livelihood.

7. Is it a deliberate choice that there's no English website for the Afrikaner Volksparty? If so, why?

A: No it is not deliberate but merely administrative despite the fact that the English establishment largely politically opposed the Afrikaner throughout our history.

8. Is affirmative action and black economic empowerment important for South Africa?

A: No. On the contrary, it is one of the main detrimental policies that is running South Africa into the ground.

9. What do you think of the riots taking place in some of the mines and wine lands?

A: Apart from the fact that it is politically motivated, it is also devastating to infrastructure and the economy.

10. What do you think is the main cause of violence in South Africa today?

A: An incompetent government.

11. Can you speak of a certain 'fear of violence' within the Afrikaner community and if so, is this fear justified?

A: If you live in a country where according to Interpol, more than 600,000 murders have been committed since 1994 when the Black Communist majority Regime took power, fear for violence is a common factor. When you bear in mind that even by the governments manipulated statistics, at least 3 white persons are being murdered per day since 1994, more than 46,ooo whites have been killed with a government looking on and doing nothing to prevent it. Furthermore, if the black president sings in public that they, including the cabinet, are going to shoot the whites with machine guns, and the outside world is led to believe that we Afrikaners have committed a crime against humanity through the policy of apartheid and therefor turn a blind eye, surely fear is justified.

12. Do you think South Africa is the 'rainbow nation' as which it is sometimes depicted?

A: A rainbow according to the Bible has a specific meaning. Bearing that in mind, to compare a multiculturalist society that nowhere in the world and especially in Africa symbolizes harmony and security, is to make a statement of something that never was and never will be.

13. What do you think of the idea of an Afrikaner homeland within South Africa?

A: The AVP states that South Africa, excluding the Black Homelands, is the homeland of the Afrikaner people by every moral and International law for more than 400 years and so accepted worldwide.

14. Do you think a lot of Afrikaners want to leave South Africa? Why?

A: It is a fact that, give or take, a million Afrikaners already left. The reasons are plentiful. The degrading of South Africa from a prosperous first world country to a third world banana republic where the infrastructure is being depleted to finance corruption at a scale which escalated from hundreds of rands to milliards. Where educational and health standards plummeted to below civilised standards. Water and electricity supply are not being maintained and forward planning neglected. Our schools and Universities overcrowded and English replacing Afrikaans by majority vote.

15. Do you think the Afrikaner identity changed a lot over time? If so, in what way?

A: Although the core of the Afrikaner did not and will not change, a large contingent were affected by TV, sport and entertainment with the effect that the religious character which was our cornerstone, became deteriorated.

16. Do you think, in current South Africa, the Afrikaner identity is disappearing?

A: No

17. How do you (and the Afrikaner Volksparty) see the future for the Afrikaner community within South Africa?

With the evidence of the treasonous manner in which we lost our political command of South Africa, rendering the black Communist majority regime illegitimate, the reality and truth becoming more evident day by day by the conscience of people involved driving them to confess, Afrikaners that have been deceived will more and more resist the winds of change of Harold Macmillan that has been so detrimental to all peoples of South Africa since the late 1960’s. The effect of multiculturalism all over the world, making an inroad into the identities of the homogeneous people, will eventually have to be recognized and accepted that separate development or apartheid if you will, is the only solution to peaceful co-existence of different peoples in the diversity that God created them to be. The AVP endeavour to influence the Afrikaners to return to that position in as peaceful manner as is possible.

I thank you for the courtesy in the answering of my questions .





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