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Ons ernsDit is interressant om te merk hoe en waar die politieke gebeure se oorsprong en gevolge waaroor ons al sedert 1969 gewaarsku het, nou oral soos masels uitslaan! Hoewel die AVP nie met alles saamstem in die artikel hier onder nie, is dit verblydend om te sien dat daar ontwaking is.

Vrugtelose pogings om die Afrikanervolk te oortuig om nie ja te stem in die 1993 Referendum, in 1982 om nie die KP te stig maar eerder by die HNP aan te sluit, nie die Volkstaat ontvlugtingsbenadering te ondersteun nie maar eerder de Klerk te stuit deur ’n verkiesing af te dwing, was die sleutel tot die destydse NP se sukses om ons volk uit te verkoop.

Die fout om nie die regte politieke weg te volg terwyl ons in ’n magsposisie was, was die sluitsteen vir die onderwerping van die Afrikanervolk aan ’n magtelose terroristebende wat nooit ’n oorlog teen ons sou kon wen nie.

Die vraag wat ontstaan het, is of die waarneming van die voorspelde chaos nou terwyl ons in ’n oënskynlike magtelose toestand verkeer en die bekendmaking van die oorsprong daarvan, mosterd na die maal is, is die AVP se antwoord onomwonde. Nee!


Die voorwaarde is egter dat ons die toestand voorlopig noodwendig sal moet verdra, maar ons mag dit onder géén omstandigheid aanvaar nie! Die gees van verset wat namate die bedrog vanuit verskeie oorde en bronne al duideliker na die oppervlak kom, is reeds sigbaar en sal groei tot ’n magtige dreuning.

Oortuig u famielie en vriende om nie agter die saamwerkers, volkstaters en opportuniste aan te loop nie! Hierdie land is ons land en indien ons geloof behou en ons hulp op die regte plek gaan soek, sal ons weer die oorwinning om vry en onafhanklik te wees behaal, al lyk dit hoe onmoontlik! Laat beginsel ons lei en nie omstandigheid nie! Vermy kleinlike gesprekke wat verdeeldheid saai soos of ons Afrikaners of Boere of Boereafrikaners is! Ons praat Afrikaans, ons sing Afrikaans en ons bid in Afrikaans. Dit was nog nooit in die verlede ’n twispunt nie en moet ook nie nou een wees nie.

Laat ons laertrek in hierdie oorlog sonder koeëls waar die leuen gebruik word deur dit aanhoudend te herhaal, ondersteun deur die hensoppers en oorgeërs. Suid-Afrika is die Afrikanervolk se eiendom, nie gesteel, nie geroof, nie in ’n oorlog verloor nie, maar deur harde werk, vaardigheid, kundigheid en erkende beskawingsnorme uit die wildernis ontworstel tot ’n eerstewêreldland. Glo dit! Bely dit en stry in verset vir die handhawing daarvan!

THIS IS SOUTH AFRICA: The Evil Powers Behind The Destruction Of Our Country

Posted on 19/06/2016 by Marie Louw(SA News Headlines)

Suid Afrika in chaos

SOUTH AFRICA is one country being vandalized, ravaged , torched and being destroyed by black thugs on a daily basis. The country, for months on end, is in a vice between the iron grip of criminal union bosses, destructive black thugs, and a useless incompetent communist regime. All control, law, and order, and discipline has been lost (except for the witch hunts on whites, that is) Hundreds of investors flee the country, credit houses are down rating the financial credibility, whites are being butchered at an alarming rate, government departments grind to a halt, the Defense Force is imploding, incompetent greedy racist mobsters are ruling the country under the veil of “democracy.” More people are starving in squatter camps than people working. The country is being flooded by alien infiltrators from across Africa…and critical services are at the brink of collapse. The country is BANKRUPT! THEY (International corporate Jews), have destroyed our country and are pushing us for a Syrian war. South Africa has been engulfed in a cacophony of contestation as anger bubbles to the surface of our unequal communist “have” and “have-nots” society.


President Jacob Zuma has placed the blame for the destruction of schools and property on “relatively small bands of anarchists and agent provocateurs”. (Link)

The SABC says it will no longer broadcast footage of people destroying public property during protests as this will encourage other communities to do the same.(Link)

Residents of Ennerdale, south of Johannesburg, have barred all entries and exits to the area with rocks and burning tyres in a protest over housing, Metro Police says.(Link)

A group of 287 black rioters has been arrested for throwing stones and damaging property at the Marabastad Home Affairs Department on Wednesday morning, Gauteng Police said. Police Spokesperson, Captain Tshekiso Mofokeng, said the group of protesters had gathered outside the department at about 09:00. Police were called to the scene and arrived at about 11:00. “[A total of] 287 people were taken in and one of them was charged with damage to property, after a police vehicle was damaged,” Mofokeng said. He said the other 286 were still being held as part of an investigation into the matter and it was not yet clear whether they would also be charged. (Link)

By Thursday last week, South African blacks in the country’s northern Limpopo Province had destroyed 40 schools, of which 19 were set alight. The burning of schools has always been seen as a legitimate form of protest in South Africa and until the ANC/SA Communist Party takeover in 1994, it was encouraged by liberals. The burning of a school or a university is usually described as an “uprising” which is considered a positive “revolutionary deed”. A few weeks ago a lecture hall at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg was also set alight. (Link)

If you’ve been keeping a close eye on the news this week, you may know that things out in Grabouw are very heated, Police and protesters clashing in a series of violent encounters. The N2 was actually shut down yesterday, and now EWN has managed to record some video footage of how tense things are that side of the world. Protests began on Monday night after residents of a new informal settlement called Siyanyanzela heard they would have to vacate the land they had been occupying for more than a month. Police, law enforcement, and the Land Invasion Unit moved in behind the line of protesters to demolish the dwellings. When the residents realised what was going on, they retaliated by throwing stones at the officers, who in turn used rubber bullets, stun grenades, and tear gas to disperse them.

The repair of damages caused by rioting students at the Vaal University of Technology could cost over R1 million. Students set fire to offices and a staff house on Wednesday night following a physical altercation with the contracted Security Company. In light of the “escalating violence”‚ students have been asked to vacate residences by 2pm on Thursday‚ the university said in a statement. University operations have also been shut down following a spate of student protests this week. A spate of computer thefts seems to have been the initial reason for the protests. A memorandum handed to the university by students earlier this week‚ which demanded the release of students who had been arrested or suspended due to protests on campus‚ was posted on VUT’s Facebook page. Students said they were unhappy with the quality of the Security Company services on campus as there had been a lot of thefts in the residence area. VUT students submitted a memorandum to Seroka’s office demanding an immediate termination of Mafoko Security’s contract after catching non-Vaal students roaming around the residence. (Link)

On Thursday, 12 May students set their student access gate alight and said they have had enough of the college not listening to their complaints or solving the issue they currently have with their bursary money. Nationally, 13 schools in Limpopo reportedly were set alight by protesters who are displeased with a court ruling. “This is just to get the message across, if our demands are not met, we will burn corporate as well,” said Moraba Chuba, Deputy Chairperson of the Student Council. The root of the students’ complaints is their bursary money which Chuba said they have not received. “They won’t allow us to write our exams if we haven’t attended 80 percent of our classes. I’ll go to 80 percent of my classes when I have the bursary money, which is by right my money, to travel to college 80 percent of the time,” Chuba said. “They are not using our money properly and they are not listening to us. We put forward a motion of no confidence in the campus manager months ago and to this day, we have still not received any feedback.” The students said they are done dealing with Westcol, they would now like to deal with Blade Nzimande, South Africa’s appointed communist Minister of Higher Education and Training. The students have also highlighted how Westcol have moved their entrance as a result of residents complaining about students making noise outside their homes and loitering on their properties. (Link)

SOUTH AFRICA now stands at the crossroads where the population at large themselves now must decide which direction they must take forward: The current road of destruction, mayhem, exuberant taxes, high prices, downgradings from security institutions, oppression, and control. poverty, riots, incompetence from the corrupt ANC regime, high crime rates and plundering of their natural resources by the international corporate Zionist moguls, or will they decide that they have about enough of the corrupt political bank-rolled oppressors that use the security forces to suppress them, and take their land back by means of a revolution. In both case scenarios the result will be the start of a civil war, or in the South African context, a Tunisian spring, where the workers class, as with the case of France now, the workers class rise up against a very oppressive dictatorship that only cares about the small band of mobsters at the top.

Certainly South Africa is turning into a madhouse of glutenous mobsters and violent hooligans that are systematically busy destroying the country’s infrastructure piece by piece. Every single day we read about literally hundreds of unruly black hooligans that are torching, vandalizing and looting buildings, shops, and institutions. The useless regime as such has long ago lost control over the riots and mass destruction that are instigated from beyond their powers. The question that is lingering on everybody’s minds is just how the hell could a country and a system, that once was such a powerful

economic and military bastion in Africa, be devastated in just 20 short years to a miserable country that barely hovers above the status of junk today?


Super Afrikaners

“ Do you realize what a powerful force is gathered here tonight between these four walls? Show me a greater power on the whole continent of Africa. Show me a greater power anywhere…“- HJ Klopper- Chairman of the AB’s 50th anniversary 1968.


FOR THAT answer, one has to revert back, WAY back to where the real root of this evil was born, where it started, and who was responsible for it. For that answer, we have to reverse the clock way back to 1966 when Hendrik French Verwoerd was assassinated by the hand and assistance of his own cronies, the NATIONAL PARTY . Already there and then the dark clouds of misery were formed within the dark corridors of the National Party, but more important, by the secret powers that were operating and dictating policies WITHIN the ruling party. These secret societies who controlled the National Party were also the ones responsible for Verwoerd’s assassination, the ultimate hand-over of South Africa to the black communist government at CODESA, and the assassination of Eugene Terreblanche as well. Those secret societies are now also responsible for the turmoil and chaos that reigns in South Africa today. They are the ones with the ultimate power that wields the scepter of the decision of which direction South Africa will take or will not take. They are called the “ Afrikaner Broederbond” or “AB” in short.

We, so many times, have heard Julius Malema mentioning that all the riches in the land are still in the hands of a “small white minority.” If you listened carefully, Malema was reverting to this secret band of powerful rich white oligarchs controlling South Africa from behind the curtains. They are the ones that decide which political party will win the election and which one will be “exterminated.” They are immensely powerful, and their tentacles stretch way beyond the Zulu “pikkanien” from Nkandla. With their international connections from mainly the British/Jewish Free Masonry, they are about untouchable and indestructible. Through their money and powerful connections, they TOTALLY control the everyday lives of South Africans. We as normal citizens THINK the political parties represent whatever we ask from them, BUT we are TOTALLY misguided by the truth behind these political minions posing as “representatives” of the people. Yea…even ol’ trusted firebrand Julius Malema is a paid puppet of these dark forces behind the scenes. They control both the right and left sides of the equilibrium.

Nasionale Party



HOWEVER, The “Broederbond ” is naturally not operating alone. They have vast secret resources internationally that also support their cause of dominance and destruction. The money-line is long and the stakeholders many….even dreadful connections with powerhouses such as the Rothschilds. Their influence stretches beyond the normal human comprehension, from political levels to church, society, union level, banks, the media, corporate companies, financial institutions and much more. Because South Africa, being a very rich source of tapped and untapped mineral and natural resources, it then is no wonder that the most powerful corporate players from around the globe will also be involved in plundering and controlling the country from behind the scenes.




F.W. de Klerk met skoon hande 


















Broederbond skakels 

All the appointed prime Ministers , Presidents, and Politicians in South Africa were and are part of these evil secret societies.


For this answer, we have to look much deeper than the glutenous incompetent ANC communists, or the little pee-wee uncivilized political parties and their bar brawls in the parliament of South Africa. To control and instigate the illiterate black masses to riot and destroy our once beautiful country, we have to take a MUCH closer look towards LONDON and the secret powers behind the controls of the ruling ANC, together with their South African counterparts. They are greedy, powerful, and very dangerous.

The British Army’s Secret Plan to Prop Up South Africa’s Ruling Party

By Phil Miller

May 16, 2016

Britain’s Ministry of Defence has drawn up a secret report about how to keep South Africa’s ruling party in power at the next election, VICE has discovered.

Freedom of Information Requests reveals that last year, a group of military officers from Britain’s Royal College of Defence Studies visited South Africa. Their assignment was to “assess the political threats to continuing ANC rule in South Africa”. I sent a further FoI request, asking to see the contents of the report compiled during that trip. The request was denied. The report remains classified, with the MoD claiming that “the information contained in the report was provided in confidence and should it be released has the potential to adversely affect relations with the South African government.”

The ANC, or African National Congress, has ruled South Africa since the end of Apartheid. Once the party of Nelson Mandela and the national ( British instigated) ” liberation struggle”-, its current leader Jacob Zuma is marred by corruption allegations and accused of running a repressive security apparatus against his political opponents. Despite the concern surrounding the ANC’s activities, the military officers were required to, “devise a medium-term strategy, with concrete deliverables, for the party to retain power at the next general election”. The ANC did not respond to our request for comment. The UK Ministry of Defence told VICE that this was “a purely academic exercise, strictly for internal college study purposes, designed to develop course members’ skills in strategic analysis and their ability to understand others’ perspectives”. The MoD claim that “It had, and will have, no implication of partisanship in that tasking, and no implications for UK policy.” However, the officers took part in numerous activities outside of a normal military role, including meetings with a UK mining company. Campaigners are alarmed at British military interest in the political and economic affairs of a foreign power.

“It is outrageous if the UK Ministry of Defence is getting involved in planning how to ensure that one particular party retains power in South Africa,” said campaigner Richard Solly, co-ordinator of the London Mining Network. “It is another example of the UK government’s policy of supporting British mining companies and lobbying overseas governments for favours for those companies, even when there are huge concerns about their impacts on communities, the environment, and human rights.”

VICE obtained the itinerary for the South Africa visit, which revealed numerous business meetings. The military officers received a briefing at the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, and called in at HSBC for a working lunch about the “economic outlook for the region”. The military delegation also attended an event at the offices of controversial British platinum mining company Lonmin in Johannesburg. The topic of discussion at Lonmin was titled: “An Insider View on the Extractive Industry& Future Prospects”. They spent an afternoon with senior staff from the company, including its head of marketing and vice president of refining. Lonmin’s operation in South Africa has hit the headlines because of workers staging strikes against poor conditions. It was during one strike in 2012 at the Lonmin site in Marikana, near Johannesburg, where police opened fire, killing 34 workers and injuring 78 more. The ANC and Lonmin have close connections, with one former company director at the time of the massacre, Cyril Ramaphosa, later becoming the ANC’s Deputy President and right-hand man of President Jacob Zuma.

In the run-up to the massacre, Ramaphosa emailed politicians and police urging them to take tougher action against the striking miners, who he said were “plainly dastardly criminals and must be characterised as such”. Ramaphosa wanted the police “to act in a more pointed way”. A subsequent inquiry cleared Ramaphosa of inciting the killing, although victims’ families are trying to pursue him through the courts . “The Marikana massacre in 2012 and the recent murder of Bazooka Radebe are examples of British-linked mining projects in South Africa associated with appalling violence, including violence on the part of the state,” Solly from the London Mining Network said. “The British government should put its efforts into supporting the workers and communities struggling to get justice from British-linked companies.”

Despite international condemnation of South Africa’s police for the Marikana massacre, the MoD delegation was scheduled to visit a police station in Alexandra Township for a briefing from the South African Police Service. However, the MoD claims not to have any minutes or notes from the officers’ meetings with the South African police and the mining company Lonmin. In response to a Freedom of Information request, it said, “No information is held on the organisation of the Lonmin Office and Alexandra Police station elements of the visit programme.” A shadow still hangs over South Africa’s police, years after the Marikana massacre. A report last year claimed that South Africa’s police were twice as likely to kill someone as the US police. Allegations of torture by police have also emerged.

The well accredited political analyst from New York, Eric Draitser, a frequent guest on “ Russia Today”, recently revealed in a very interesting article that the United States Secret Services have for quite a while been busy to destabilize South Africa from within. In his most recent article ” BRICS under attack”- : The Empire’s Destabilizing Hand Reaches Into South Africa.” In this article, he accuses the CIA and the British Intelligence Services openly that they are conspiring to create the same scenario as they did in Libya, in other words, an Arab Spring. He also states that he believes that the 3rd world war is already is in it’s preliminary stages. Sez Draitser: ” Washington is currently engaged in a propaganda and economic war against the BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa.) Brazil and South Africa currently are in the process of destabilization with deliberately created political scandals.” Both countries are being targeted by the ghouls of the Washington financed politicians and NGO’s . The modus operandi are always the same. Washington sends in it’s provocateur agents amidst the populace in the streets, who then instigates riots against the current regimes and it’s own NGO’s. These tactics were also seen in the mid-seventies when London sent their M16 agents to instigate the PAC riots in South Africa, which led to the Sharpeville“massacre”,   the flint to ignite the powder keg of propaganda and riots the British hounds of hell were looking for. Obama tried the same tactics against China with the Hong Kong student protests and again targeted Russia with the same tactics when Putin was re-instated as President. On both occasions, the alien infiltrator on Capitol Hill failed miserably.

Over the past months, South Africa was caught in the grip of uncountable “protest” marches which on the surface “appear” to be legitimate, but underneath, the manipulation undertones supporting these violent protests by secret agent provocateurs, were clearly visible. The ANC regime and South Africa are now the target of Washington and his neo-con British/Jewish allies for destabilization, because of the ANC regime’s close-knit affiliations with China and other non-Western countries. The evil axis, Obama, Netanyahu, and Cameron now sees the newly golden child, Mmusi Miamane, of the Democratic Alliance and his liberal white wife Natalie, as an example of the future South African “rainbow nation” to pick up the torch from Zuma and lead henceforth the goals of the New World Order. The British on the other hand, is again exploiting their own “lone nut”, Julius Malema, to bring the Zuma dynasty to a fall, after which they most probably will not need his “services” anymore. The communist ANC realizes the conspiracy against them, as already hinted to by Mantashe, and see this onslaught against them and their evil twin allies, the SA Communist Party and COSATU, as a very grave danger to their future rule. Many protest marches on Universities were led by the radical EFF and NUMSA, with the EFF a blueprint of Robert Mugabe’s ZANU-PF thugs. The whole scenario of destabilization is aimed at all the BRICS countries that want to break away from the NWO American/British-Jewish banking systems. This way, they want to force destabilization onto these countries, thus creating an “Arab Spring” scenario and then putting their own “user-friendly” puppets in control.


Amidst all this the poor Afrikaners in South Africa have to try and survive not only the onslaught from without, but also from their own Government, and traitors from within, such as De Klerk and his NP maggots that sold them out. Today a white genocide is in progress and more than 5000 whites have already been brutally murdered by black thugs. In spite of this, the communist regime, the white mafia Broederbonders, and the British M 15 and M 16 infiltrators, also target white Afrikaners for extermination.

Genocide of any type should never be tolerated, but the world tolerates it when the target is the non-Jewish white race. European whites are only 8% of the world’s population and are on the verge of extinction with the current trend of forced integration, forced migration, ignored and condoned hate crimes against whites, and all the Government’s forced racial policies that impoverish whites. All this has come to fruition in South Africa, a template for the future of the white race.





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