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Alf HutchinsonBy introspek kan Afrikaners maar hiervan kennis neem aangesien dieselfde onge-ergdheid vir baie jare by ons volk die bo-toon gevoer het. Dit tenspyte van dr. Verwoerd se dringende waarskuwings oor beleidsverandering. Die voortsetting van daardie waarskuwings deur wyle dr. Hertzog en mnre. Jaap en Willem Marais van die Herstigte Nasionale Party en na hulle oorlye, voortgesit deur die Afrikaner Volksparty, sal dieselfde versugting ook die Afrikanervolk s’n word indien ons nie bereid is tot kragtige samehorigheid, een van siel en een van sin, nie.

Ons plaas die artikel net soos ons dit ontvang het.


Its much too late if you have only woken up to the facts now! Have you heard of Alf Hutchison? Rhodesian poet. He wrote this on Facebook


I am told that hindsight is a perfect science, we Rhodesians look back on this day in 1965 when our lives were changed forever...I don't care who you are ; your life from the moment UDI was declared on the 11th of November

1965 changed forever. No nation on earth has fallen from a dynamically prosperous first world nation, to a pitiful penniless nation in so short a time.

     I know I am going to be labelled a racist, and ˜how can a Christian preacher talk like that" ... but I am too old to care anymore and someone has to say it. Zimbabwe deserves what it now has, they deserve to be in the situation they are in, because that is what they wanted ...Kwatcha !!

Freedom...Today's Blacks are undoubtedly the worst racist of all humanity ... they cannot even abide nor tolerate other ethnic Blacks; and until they rid themselves of tribalism nothing will change in Africa ...nothing. I for one am finished with being the White man they hate, but they will stand begging on the roadside knowing that they will get a handout...tired in South Africa of having reverse apartheid thrust upon me and have to just grin and bear it ... tired that my children have to go overseas to find employment , because of their skin colour... Tired of Blacks being able to sing songs , even in parliament of “Kill the Whites”.

I have shed my very last tear for the Black nation. Having shed my last tears for Zimbabwe I now no longer cry, My land was Rhodesia , where my true memories still lie. My parents ashes lie there, and those of my dearest friends. I spent a glorious childhood just where the rainbow ends.

"Why"? I question myself, "Why should I really care"? All those I loved so dearly are now no longer there. I am proud of what I fought for, in a bloody bush war, Amidst the finest friends, whom I shall see no more.   As my life draws to a close, I reflect upon those years, Rhodesia taught me to be tough; to face my inner fears. Sick now to my very soul of man's political correctness; Lifting up Black folks to the height of social ineptness.

And the world still will not see that they cannot succeed; What they put their hands to , turns to tares and to weed. Zimbabwe, cruel Zimbabwe, a void now in my heart. I see how evil reigns supreme when white men depart.   "It's White man’s fault" they cry "He should make restitution"     For the way he has treated us; driving us to prostitution. "Cruel White slavers, it is time to fill our begging bowls. The price for trying to fit square pegs into round holes".

No more tears Zimbabwe, I choose now to live at peace. Man can say what ere he will, but racism will never cease. It's not a black thing or a White thing; there is only us to blame. For we fail to see the blatant truth... we are just not the same.

Written by Alf Hutchison. Author of "Sounds of Distant Drums" and "Echoes of the African Soul"





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