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John VorsterDanie Craven 2Die jare lange rugby verbintenis tussen New Zealand en die RSA wat onder druk gekom het na die sluipmoord op dr. Verwoerd, het sy ondersteuners, maar ook sy opponente gehad.

Dit was onder die invloed van dr. Danie Craven dat John Vorster begin afwyk het van die bestaande sportbeleid van Suid-Afrika. Met die standvastige dr. Verwoerd uit die weggeruim en sy opvolger ‘n swakkeling Vrymesselaar in diens van magte wat die Afrikaner as ‘n struikelblok in die uitvoering van hulle planne beskou het, het die winde van verandering van Harold McMillan momentum begin kry.


Waarskuwings dat beleidsverandering niks goed vir die Afrikaners, die blankes en in die algemeen vir die hele Suid-Afrika inhou nie, het op dowe ore geval en die liberaliste het oral, plaaslik en internasionaal die skroewe begin aandraai om nasionalisme te verdring.

Dit is nou interressant om uit die onderstaande twee berigte respektiewelik die liberale aggressie te bemerk van ‘n aartsliberalis soos Martyn Bradbury in 2013 en die berig in die New Zealand Herald in 2017, waar die gevolge van Bradly en liberaliste soos hy se misplaaste politieke denke beskryf word as: “Eleven people were brutally murdered in February this year. The number of farm attacks rises daily and the government does nothing to intervene”. Die gevolge waaroor daar gewaarsku was in sy volle glorie in Suid-Afrika.

Die werklikheid van die gevolge van die liberalis se wanstaltige politieke oordeel begin sigbaar word in Europa en ander lande namate volksvreemdes hulle begin oorstroom!


By Martyn Bradbury  /   December 7, 2013  /   54 Comments

Let us allow Nelson to rest in peace, let’s never allow his detractors and haters to rest ever. It is to our shame that a Prime Minister who can’t can’t even remember what side of the debate he was on during the Springbok Tour will represent us at Nelson Mandela’s funeral…

…from a Political Party that not only instigated the Springbok Tour but also pushed to keep Nelson Mandela branded as an ANC Terrorist

Jul 21, 1988 – Dr LOCKWOOD SMITH (Kaipara) to the Minister of Foreign Affairs: “Is it correct that a New Zealand Nelson Mandela scholarship has been established by … of the African National Congress to study at a tertiary institution in New Zealand? … Congress—and will not have been involved in terrorist activities?

…it is a shame that National, the Party who hated on Nelson Mandela the most and who is the Party that ripped the country in two over the Springbok Tour and now led by a Prime Minister who couldn’t even remember what side of the debate he was on will represent us because dammit, the bloody National Party are a disgrace on the Nelson Mandela issue.

The people who should be going to Nelson’s funeral are the John Mintos, the Donna Awatere Huatas, the Trevor Richards, the Annette Sykes, the Hone Harawiras, the Andrew Beyers, the Syd Jacksons. Those who stood on the front lines of the Police baton charges, those who rallied this Nation to respond to the National Party’s racist Springbok Tour and those that challenged red neck National Party voters.

Those are the heroes who deserve to weep at Nelson’s funeral, not the Political Party that did more in NZ than any other to support the very apartheid horror that Nelson spent his life fighting.

While John Key couldn’t remember what side he was on during the Springbok Tour, this is what Nelson said when he heard that we were fighting for him in NZ…

…those who fought the Springbok Tour can feel pride that we gave Mandela a ray of sunshine in his bleakest moment. Those within NZ who still clasp desperately like old racists to their ‘it’s just rugby’ delusion should be afforded the same contempt National now deserve.

Bloody South Africa

19th February 2017

Bloody South Africa

Bloody South Africa - Video - Image - stop white genocide in saThe genocide against the white minority continues. Eleven people were brutally murdered in February this year. The number of farm attacks rises daily and the government does nothing to intervene.

Three SANDF soldiers were killed while trying to help contract workers at the Durban naval base this week, within days President Jacob Zuma sent condolences to their families. Yet the president has not even acknowledged the horrific farm attacks and the brutal slaying of four family members who died on February 14.

Last year one of New Zealand’s largest newspapers covered the attacks against the minority saying, “South Africans killed at a rate of war, this country has a murder rate 10 times worse than the United States”. Nothing has changed, the frightening truth is that the situation is intensifying.

In a recently published article If you defend the ‘new South Africa’ you live a lie the real situation is defined about how whites are alienated, killed and savagely attacked. The article provides links to some of the most gruesome crimes against the minority and worthwhile reading.

Mangosuthu Buthelezi leader of the Inkatha Freedom Party said South Africa is not a safe place to visit. Watch the video detail crimes against the whites and how the government fails to protect it’s citizens.

South Africa Today – South Africa News





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