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BEWARE of what you see- for what you see is NOT what you really see- but what you do NOT see- is what you really SHOULD see. The infiltrator is a lair- a clever deceiver who holds a mirror in front of him. You are blinded by his deception and only see a reflection…a false surreal image  – but NOT the truth hidden behind it. Brake the mirror- destroy the reflection – and you will see his true hidden agenda.”– Andrew K.

21 Years after Apartheid and he is still going on about “Apartheid ” and “racism” . The biggest racist is Malema and his followers instigating to murder whites because of his dreadful hate he carries within himself.

‘All British White People Are Rubbish!’ (and he is right… spineless wimpish liberal Brits love being the masochist). Those are the words from Malema to a white British BBC Journalist: He told that journalist: “ What’s that in your pants , it’s rubbish! Only good for making more rubbish ! “The context is clear:  ” All British White Males are the descendants of a RUBBISH WHITE GOD PROCURING A RUBBISH WHITE GOD’S PROCREATION ! ! ! “

He is nothing more than a black racist  Hitler, Amin, Stalin, etc. A man based on race and hatred No respect for or value of human life whatsoever. However that is just what the British Elite want. Another raving lunatic in power to keep another African country in ruins so they can continue sacking its resources and lending money at high interests rates to it… and still pretend to have the “moral high ground. “Win win for the British money power, so what if you are called impotent and rubbish… it is shekels that matter!” These facts , and this part captured on video , was played for the world to see , but was never actively reported on, thus it stands to reason, that it was downplayed and conveniently ignored by the very South African news networks that reported on the incident, and disseminated the visuals globally.

Julius Malema now is back  in Britain among those same white “rubbish” –  and when you look who he is going to meet and address there, then it certainly raises a few eyebrows…Royal Institute of International Affairs, Oxford Union, Pan African People’s Movement in Tottenham and attend the African Enterprise Awards at the London Capital Cluball affiliated or connected to Rhodes/Milner’s Round Table Group.

Malema is being hosted by the “Who’s who” of the Illuminati in London where the corrupt South African ambassador Obed Mlaba, a Zulu and former mayor of Durban, is seen as a Zuma crony. The message to the ANC is simple:” Your time is up. Mlaba is the man who was investigated together with Mike Sutcliffe for gross corruption and the destruction of the once beautiful city of Durban.”



“It is South African students who lead the struggle against white supremacy – a supremacy that divides the country and excludes indigenous populations. “These was said last night by Julius Malema to a packed hall at the Oxford Union, Oxford University’s debating society, reported Netwerk24. Malema is currently touring Britain, where is he meeting with various organizations and stakeholders and holding discussions about the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF). Malema described white “supremacy” as a system that positioned whites as superior and blacks as inferior. He said it was a system that denied black people education so that they would be “a source of cheap labour”. “South Africa should not be a home for racists. And we’re not going to apologise for that … We believe there is place in South Africa for everyone. But we can not continue to protect white privilege at the expense of black people,” he said.


Malema, who has a close relationship with Winnie Mandela, said that former president Nelson Mandela deviated from the Freedom Charter when he divorced Madikizela-Mandela because he went to live in a house that whites (the Oppenheimers) had donated to him. “To complain that Mandela renounced the struggle, is pointless. He knew that the struggle was not over. He left it for us. We will do it. We will not compromise.”

MALEMA-APARTHEID He reiterated that the EFF did not want to replace “white supremacy”  with black supremacy. “We want to restore the dignity of the continent and position Africa as an equal partner in the global economy and international politics. “We want Africa to be like Europe. We do not want Europe to treat Africa as its subject. Africa’s time is now,” said Malema. Malema used Cecil John Rhodes as an example of white supremacy. “Rhodes took our land. Rhodes started a system that led to black genocide,” he said. Malema said this was why black students started the “Rhodes must fall “ campaign – after the EFF’s speech in parliament. “They don’t say Rhodes must fall because they hate white people, but because they hate what Rhodes did to them. “We can not continue to celebrate people who represent the racial divide of our people.” Malema is due to address a gathering of Chatham House, one of Britain’s most authoritative think tanks, tonight.


” Give a  poor man a bread- and he will become strong and rule you as your  king. Take away that bread- and he will become weak and serve you as your slave.“-Annon


For a long time now Malema has been threatening to nationalize the Illuminati’s gold mines, businesses and seize their land. His latest stint was to threaten to occupy all the ABSA banks. ABSA was created by the Afrikaner Broederbond and the Pierneef paintings in its head office belongs to the Afrikanerbond. ABSA is of course the biggest bank in South Africa and belongs to the British Barclays Bank, the Illuminati’s personal bank. Circles within circles, like Russian dolls. “We are going to occupy all the ABSA branches”–  Malema

If I was the ANC I would get very worried about saving my skin.  The message here is that the ANC is so corrupt, greedy and busy stealing the country into bankruptcy that they have not noticed that they have fallen out of favor with their Round Table Illuminati bosses in the UK and the US. The ANC’s love affairs with criminal and terrorist scum like Sudanese dictator Omar al Bashir, Hamas leader Kaled Mashaal and their general reluctance to toe the line doesn’t help much either.

Of course “Kiddi Amin” Malema can easily be taken out like they did with Verwoerd, but why not use him to further your agenda? He is corrupt enough. Something Verwoerd wasn’t.  The worst thing that can happen to the ANC’s Illuminati Round Table, Rand Lords in England is to have the gold supply from SA dry up, because they need gold to create Ormus aka “Monatomic gold” or “The Philosopher’s Stone”…a white powder the Bible refers to as “Manna” that ensures eternal life and boost your intelligence by a thousand percent. That is how you are able to control people. That is why they have this insane fixation with gold…an otherwise useless metal hardly good enough to make jewelry from.



And of course they are worried about their other properties and businesses being threatened. Malema will be their new House Slave, controlling the masses and ensuring that steady supply of gold.  But Malema or anybody who wants to become president of SA will have to fulfill another Illuminati goal and that is to commit genocide and mass murder. Something Rhodes, Verwoerd and the ANC, at least to date, has failed to do…at least in sufficient numbers.

Of course three of the ten guides (1;2 and 10) on the Georgia Guidestones deals with population control and keeping the world’s population under half a billion, which means that about 6.8 billionuseless eaters” will have to die.  This is not some bullshit conspiracy theory. Professor Carrol Quigley wrote it all in his monumental book, Tragedy and Hope: A history of the world in our time. Quigley was Bill Clinton’s mentor and an insider of the Round Table group founded by Rhodes and Milner in South Africa. In fact he had no problem with the agenda of creating a NWO with a one world government. He fully supported it. The only problem he had was that the Round Table tried to hide it from the people.

This is what he wrote in “Tragedy and hope”:


“There does exist, and has existed for a generation, an international Anglophile network which operates, to some extent, in the way the Radical right believes the Communists act. In fact, this network, which we may identify as the Round Table Groups, has no aversion to cooperating with the Communists, or any other group, and frequently does so. I know of the operation of this network because I have studied it for twenty years and was permitted for two years, in the early 1960s, to examine its papers and secret records. I have no aversion to it or to most of its aims and have, for much of my life, been close to it and to many of its instruments. I have objected, both in the past and recently, to a few of its policies… but in general my chief difference of opinion is that it wishes to remain unknown, and I believe its role in history is significant enough to be known.

You see? Once you know the Agenda, you cannot be fooled anymore.

That is why Africa was decolonized by the Illuminati Round Table and despots like Bokassa, Amin, Mugabe, Machal, the ANC, etc were brought to power. Nobody kills blacks better and faster than other blacks. That is why Rhodesia, Angola, Mozambique, Namibia and South Africa today are all run by Communist dictatorships and the mass murdering dictators are heaped with medals, awards and even knighthoods.  They are serving the NWO agenda. In the bigger scheme of things, these few white colonists like us in SA are nothing. Just collateral damage. In fact whites still keep blacks alive by giving them jobs, food, clothes and healing them in hospitals. It is a disaster for the Illuminati.

When the whites go the agenda will go into overdrive and accelerate. How the whites go…willingly, forcefully or by death does not matter. All that matters is the Agenda…And this is what Malema is being groomed for.  As for the poor ANC? They are gone. It is what happens when you get too greedy, too big for your shoes and do not have a cooking clue as to who you climbed into bed with and who pulls your strings.


Leader of EFF and member of Parliament, Julius Malema’s picture with Lord Robin Renwick have been leaked and are making rounds on social media.Malema being briefed on his future role by Lord Robin Renwick.

Lord Robin Renwick is a former UK ambassador to SA before 1994, he also has connection with coporate SA through SABMiller, BhP Billiton and many others. He is also linked to banking sector through JP Morgan ( Europe). Renwick was appointed to House of Lords by PM Blair in 1997.

He was a chairman of Zimbabwe Democracy Trust set up in 2000 and it was a tool to effect regime change against President Mugabe’s government. Earlier news reports revealed that Julius Malema is in UK to seek more funding for his election campaign. “This man has more interest in Southern Africa than all monopoly capitalists combined. Beware of greedy one because money is his second heart. “Not all that appear revolutionary is indeed revolutionary. EFF is just a tool to effect regime change and the funders make decisions. The media helps the project.” read Sediko Rakolote Facebook post.

Is it then not strange that Malema- who is a racist black extremist and supremacist- are well received with open arms  and hosted by the most respected British institutions and fraternity- who are willing to listen to his black revolutionary rants- but the plea of innocent white farmers in South Africa who are murdered like animals- are totally ignored by these same institutions? Does it not show us that especially the British aristocracy still are the Afrikaners worst enemy as they always were- and are nothing but a handy tool for Satan to destroy white Christianity?

On his grooming and begging tour of the UK, Kiddie Amin told the Oxford students that rich white men made Mandela into a sell-out of blacks and a betrayer of their revolution. In other words, Mandela stopped short of killing all the whites in South Africa. Something he, Malema, is having wet dreams about doing. However, Julias Malema is being briefed, just as Mandela was briefed before he took office as president, and Malema will have to toe the line in exactly the same way. “We won’t compromise in struggle against white supremacy “- Malema tells Oxford.

Malema even mentioned the Oppenheimers who hosted Mandela. In fact Mandela was a big friend of the Oppenheimers and often spent Christmas at the Oppenheimer “Little Brenthurst” estate in Johannesburg. He and Harry Oppenheimer even shared the same tailor.

How was Communist Mandela changed?

Easy. By Super Capitalists, just like Malema is now.

In January 1990, two weeks before he was released from his long captivity on Robben Island Mandela said: The nationalization of the mines, banks and monopoly industries is the policy of the ANC, and the change or modifications of our views in this regard is inconceivable.”

Mandela was assuring his comrades in the African National Congress that he remained loyal to the socialist economic program enshrined in their mid-1950s Freedom Charter. The ANC would, he promised, give back to the people of South Africa the riches that wealthy whites had stolen from them under British colonial rule and the years of Afrikaner-led apartheid.

Four years later, he would become president of all South Africa and did exactly the opposite of what he promised the blacks. The ANC gave up nationalization and a radical redistribution of wealth. They removed exchange controls, allowing the largest corporations and richest whites (Jews) to send their money abroad and instead of introducing Soviet styled Socialism, they went for a Scandinavian model. The result? South Africa now suffers a greater gap between rich and poor, white and black, than under apartheid.

What made Mandela sell out the Blacks?

Prof Sampie Terreblanche explains it in his book Lost in Transformation: South Africa’s Search for a New Future Since 1986 (2012)

As he tells it, there was basically a quiet capitalist coup, and its chief organizer was South Africa’s leading industrialist and one of the world’s richest men, Sir Harry Oppenheimer, the former chairman of the Anglo-American Corporation and De Beers Consolidated Mines and Dr Anton Rupert, the cigarette billionaire and on Forbes’ list of the 500 richest people in the world.

In an interview with Fazila Farouk in 2013 Prof Terreblanche said that the USA played a major role in tandem with Oppenheimer and his Brenthurst Group. The Americans – first under George H.W. Bush and increasingly under Bill Clinton – threatened the ANC “in a rather diplomatic way” and told them “if you are not going to accept our proposals, we can destabilize South Africa.” Terreblanche also speculated that the Americans passed money “under the table.”

Said Prof. Terreblanche: “In November 1993, South Africa was governed by the Transitional Executive Committee, the TEC. There (were) eight National Party members and eight senior members of the ANC and they had a meeting to ask the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for a loan of US$850mn, that we needed for the transition and IMF – of course everything was arranged – was prepared to give the loan, but they had a document, “Statement on Economic Policy”. They said, yes, we will give you the money, if everyone, all 16 sign the document. And if one reads that document, “Statement on Economic Policy”, carefully, it is GEAR in embryo form. It is the neoliberal policy. And so, the ANC had no choice.”

Of course Malema has been seen speaking to their old pal Lord Robin Renwick former UK ambassador to SA before 1994, Vice-chairman of JP Morgan and a member of the boards of directors of amongst others, BHP Billiton, Harmony Gold, British Airways, Excelsior Mining, SAB Miller and Gem Diamonds. Of course Malema is talking the biggest load of crap whilst over there…like “Rhodes started a black genocide in South Africa”…

Say what? Rhodes killed 34,000 white women and children in SA. White population numbers went from 2million at the time of Rhodes’ death to about 5 million today. Black numbers went from 2 million to 50 Million today. Exactly who was genocided here? And further…”In South Africa whites have medical aids for their pets, but not for their workers..”

Whites have their own medical aids, why can blacks not do the same? Why can the terrorist government they voted for not give them free medical aids? Since when is it the responsibility of whites to look after blacks and uplift them? If they are so damn good why can they not uplift themselves? In fact Malema just admitted the inferiority of Blacks, by their inability to look after themselves. Why does it seem as if blacks always have money for alcohol, but never for medical aid?

Besides, look at the team of whites who look after township animals at The Mdzananda animal clinic in Khayelitsha for FREE as in any other township, because blacks are too “Kak-sleg” and “Piss-poor” to look after their own animals. However, one thing I do agree on is when Malema said, SA will become a failed state if Zuma is left alone


To me it is clear that the Illuminati Rand Lords and Business People who have always run SA from the UK have given up on their weak creation, the Liberal-Socialist DA. They are backing the Red Horse for regime change now. Malema is due to address a gathering of Chatham House (Royal Institute of International Affairs), one of Britain’s most authoritative think tanks, tonight. Watch this space. Thousands and thousands of innocent whites are murdered by black terrorists in and around town/cities and farms in South Africa. And regardless of the fact that the number of whites killed in the systematic mass-slaughter of whites in South Africa, TWICE as many young white men commit suicide due to the effects of the genocidal BEE laws and the after effects like divorce…

The South African government has made laws which deny all survival rights to White South Africans: This small 3,4 million strong minority in South Africa is denied food-aid, land-rights, jobs and even denied public housing in their own historic suburbs.

Today 1 million white people (70% of them are children & elderly people) out of the 3.4 million white population in South Africa are living in poverty because of White men/women were barred from the public and private-sector job markets in South Africa by the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Act tabled by  the white British communist Rob Davis.

Whites in South Africa are caught up in something far worse than a genocide. Whites in South Africa are caught up in something far worse than a war. Whites in South Africa are caught up in the systematic mass slaughter with the use of several force multipliers in a modern era, in an effort to rid South Africa from the unwanted and ‘evil whites’ Falsifying history, and applying the illegal, criminal, and immoral revisionism of history, so that it portrays a criminal and terrorist history based on Marxist principles is an action that qualifies you to viewed only as a person with the spirit of the Antichrist.

This was one of the worst cases of the Antichrist in action in South Africa, as it originated from within the Afrikaner community, like a Trojan Horse with the sole purpose of re-erecting the spirit of betrayal of whites once again, like the CODESA betrayal and the period of ‘negotiations with the ANC, that should have led to a non-discriminatory ‘NEW SOUTH AFRICA’, but which turned out to be the largest collection of hell bound policies that exist outside of hell itself.

Somewhere, some elder farmer and his wife watched Carte Blanche declare nonchalantly that there is no black genocide against whites unfolding in South Africa, after they very academically visited one farm only. That old farmer or his wife will then based on this mindless utterance from Carte Blanche, open their farm door for the next black unknown, ‘buyer of a sheep, or of milk’. And once their brains is splattered on the farm floor, like those of Willemientjie Potgieter, by black terrorists, whose intentions was stated clearly in court documents, ‘to attack the white people’; the producers of Carte Blanche and their co-workers, will then nonchalantly again state, it was ‘normal crime’. The black terrorists that murdered Willemientjie and her parents, clearly stated in court documents: ‘that their sole aim was to attack the WHITE PEOPLE.”

Never since Jan Smuts nonchalantly declared the atrocities documented in the Havenga collection, that the genocide by means of rape and sex camp for Boer females aged 10 years and older, as ‘of non-interest to the general public’ in order to expedite his efforts of ‘nation-building’ with the raping British and their colored and African cohorts, -have whites witnessed such a betrayal from within, as that exhibited by the whole Carte Blanche program. Except of course that of the National Party and the Broederbond moles of communism.

Jan Smuts declared the genocidal rapes of whites a secret and for 87 years up until 1987, was kept secret by successive governments. Only then was the documents of Havenga made public to bona-fide researchers. That year of course saw the illegitimate start of non-sanctioned ‘negotiations’ with the ANC in Dakar, rather read (the carrying over of power to a communist regime). Not knowing the facts about everyday life, crime syndicates, the real history, the lies about the ‘apartheid’ communist propaganda is no excuse. Get educated quickly. We as whites should start viewing the black masses as our true enemy, in person and in faith. Perhaps Jan van Riebeeck was us centuries ahead with his observations written down in his journals? On the 7th of February 1654, Jan van Riebeeck notes in his diary: “We will never be able to trade peacefully with the naturels, which is an uncultivated bunch. They want nothing but to steal and plunder all that they can, without ever departing with one sheep or cow. Only the sick, lame and cripple animals are traded, despite the fact that they have the best of everything.”

On the 10th of February 1655, Jan van Riebeeck notices in his journal: “It is clear for the Dutchmen, the friendlier you are towards the blacks, the more arrogant they get, as well as more challenging and brave.” Their dealings were with the Strandlopers and Hottentot solely at that stage, as it was the only groups they encountered in the beginning stages of the Cape.

The brutal British genocidaires, the first of 20th century, knew in their so-called ‘evangelization processes’ in South Africa, that the Africans were never to be evangelized. Their whole farcical “evangelization “process is summed up by the British colonial administrator in South Africa, sir Harry Johnstone’s words. About British colonialists and evangelical mission stations he said the following:

‘As their immediate object is not profit, they can afford to reside at places till they become profitable. They strengthen our hold over the country, they spread the use of the English language, they induct the natives into the best of civilization, and in fact each mission is an essay in colonization.’





” Give us the masses- the illiterate, the simpleton, the destitute and the poor- and through systematic starvation of basic necessities-  we will escalate and control their combined aggravated circumstances into a  powerful unified force which will  obey our every command towards a supreme  New World dynasty.”-Annon.








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