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by Ian Mosley www.davidduke.com

The Lights Are Going out in the Nation’s Capital

In August 1914, at the beginning of World War One, Sir Edward Grey said, “The lamps are going out all across Europe; we shall not see them lit again in our lifetime…” In our nation’s capital, the lights are going out as well, but it isn’t due to war; it’s copper wire thieves.

WTOP.com reports: “Copper thieves possibly posing as road crews are causing parts of the District to go dark. The D.C. Department of Transportation says thieves have stolen copper wire installed in underground conduits at least four times in recent weeks. Officials say in some cases the thieves may be posing as road contractors at staged work zones in order to commit the crime. They may even be detouring traffic. One wire theft caused an illuminated Interstate 295 sign to go dark on northbound Kenilworth Avenue between Polk Street and Eastern Avenue. Thieves also have taken wire that powers sidewalk lights along Kenilworth Avenue in Northeast between Foote and Hayes streets, and copper additionally has been stolen at North Capitol and Irving streets and at South Capitol and Potomac streets. In the 295 and Kenilworth Avenue incidents, officials say the wire was located between manholes in a grass median. The thefts come as scrap metal dealers are paying nearly $3 per pound for copper wire.”


It’s not just the cost of replacing the repeatedly stolen copper wires; crime will soar whenever the street lights go out in the bad neighborhoods of DC. When the power is cut to alarm systems, massive looting could take place.


America is beginning to cannibalize itself now. There is barely any maintenance of infrastructure. A major bridge collapsed in Minneapolis in 2007 killing 13 people and injuring 145. That bridge was ranked better than 10 percent of the bridges in the US by the way. It should be remembered that prior to fall 2007, the US economy was in fairly good shape. If politicians were neglecting infrastructure prior to 2007, imagine how much infrastructure is being neglected now that tax revenue has taken an enormous hit.


The rot is appearing first in the large stretches of urban areas which are controlled by blacks and Hispanics, such as Detroit, Los Angeles, Atlanta, New Jersey, Philadelphia and other big cities. New Orleans still has not been able to rebuild completely after Hurricane Katrina because the black city establishment lacks the competency to do so and seems to have stolen or wasted most of the tax money allocated for that purpose.


This story about copper thieves may sound like something that happens in the Third World, but America has 100 million Third World people within its borders. One day you’ll be driving through a big city as the street lamps and traffic lights suddenly lose power –hopefully you’ll be able to get back to the good part of town before any rioting or before someone tries to carjack you. This is what comes from a multi-racial society and we can expect things to get a lot worse as the number of minorities continues to increase.














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