By Pat Shannan

Forty years ago, author Lindsey Williams served as chaplain for the oil companies that built the Trans-Alaska oil pipeline. During the 1970s—invited to sit in on highly secret meetings—Williams inadvertently learned the long-term plans regarding the Middle East and the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, or OPEC. The title of his noted book, The Energy Non-Crisis, a few years later highlighted Williams’s whistle-blowing on this matter. But what Williams has to say today may help us understand why regimes are being challenged or toppled in various countries in the growing unrest in the Middle East.

According to Williams, the deal was consummated decades ago when Henry Kissinger came to terms with the Middle Eastern oil-rich nations, agreeing that the United States would make them very wealthy by buying their oil. Although the United States has enough oil in Alaska alone to last for several centuries, America would largely agree to leave it underground and produce limited amounts of oil in the United States.

In return, the oil sheiks would take a portion of their oil-sales income and buy U.S. debt, including Treasury securities and other paper—something Williams reported three decades ago.

The new information that he has gone public with is that the elite are about to renege on the deal and double cross those nations and OPEC—and it is ultimately about furtherance of the New World Order.

In Williams’s view, the crisis in Egypt was exacerbated by the CIA with paid agitators. And although they did not initiate the unrest, the Muslim Brotherhood is being manipulated by the elite in the crisis areas in the aftermath.

The prediction is that, because of the ongoing crisis and the continued decline of the dollar, oil will go to $150 and then to $200 a barrel before the year is out. When it reaches these levels, Williams says, the plan is to cease purchasing oil from the Middle East and begin extracting it from Gull Island in Alaska’s Prudhoe Bay, from the nearby Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) in Alaska, and from the Bakken formation where North Dakota meets Canada.

 In addition, 2 trillion barrels of shale oil lie beneath the Rocky Mountains may be tapped. Such a welcome retaliation to the Arab oil czars will certainly be applauded by the American people, who will be told that it is being done to lower prices at U.S. pumps. However, when such a result never comes and gasoline prices soar to $6 a gallon anyway, the American people will realize, too late again, that the only change made has been in who harvests the vast profits.

AFP has reported extensively in recent years on both the Bakken formation and Gull Island, pointing out the practical need to tap those huge domestic oil sources, along with using bio-fuels, ethanol and other alternatives, so the U.S. can become more oil-independent but also rely on a variety of fuels to boost the overall economy through diversification.

If Williams is correct and the “end game” is to bring the United States more fully into the NWO, then much has already been accomplished toward that goal by shipping U.S. jobs and factories overseas, and by the decline of the dollar. China could conceivably replace the U.S. as the top world power, and the dollar would no longer be the world’s reserve currency.